Vegetable Prawn Wild Rice

minette's vegetable prawn wild rice


minette's vegetable prawn wild rice


A hearty fried rice dish, packed with nutrients and vitamins. It takes only 17 mins to make this delicous dish for the kids and family.


Serves 4
5 mugs of cold rice (wild rice and white rice)
Crushed garlic
Chopped red onions
Sauteed prawns
Sunflower oil
Chopped carrotts 
Green peas 
Sweet peppers


1. Heat wok or a large frying pan until very hot. Add a little sun flour oil to the pan with some crushed garlic and red onions for about 15 secs, stiring with a wooden spoon.
2. Use cold cooked rice or wild rice from the fridge.
3. Add your choice of vegetables, i.e sauteed prawns, peas, wild rice, carrots, sweet peppers to the your rice.
4. Sprinkle our Minette's Gourmet Marinade Chicken and Turkey to the rice. 
5. Add a little soys sauce or stock (in water) to the rice.
6. Sprinkle Minette's Gourmet Dry Marinade to the rice for flavour(chicken and turkey).
7. Stir for a few minutes, allowing the vegetables and prawns to warm through the rice and serve.

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