Minettes Gourmet Chicken Fillet Recipe

 Photo by Debbie Donato

Debbie Donato - Winner of Minettes Gourmet Dry Marinades Giveaway

I love to share the food images from our customers and our food giveaways. This particular chicken fillet dish was delicious, quick and easy to prepare. Looking for that healthy meal after work, the dish to eat while reading a novel. Debbie Donato dish is a treat with a glass of Wolf Blass Chardonnay. Enjoy!



Minettes Gourmet Dry Marinade (Chicken and Turkey)

Fillet Chicken

Sunflower Oil

Zucchini Pasta



Place dry chicken fillet on plate and sprinkle with Minettes Gourmet Dry Marinades (Chicken and Turkey).

Drizzle with sunflower oil and fry in a shallow pan on a medium heat for five minutes on either side. 

Keep a close eye on the time to ensure that you do not overcook the meat, because it cooks really fast.

Debbie, paired the chicken fillet with courgetts and sauteed zucchini.

Preparation time 10 mins.

Serves 1



  • Chicken fillets is readily available in the stores
  • White meat is easy to cook taking only a few minutes
  • Chicken fillet is cut from boneless meat from the breast of thigh

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